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Educating and Training Supervisors Since 1995

Keep Your Supervisors Up-To-Date on How to Recognize Substance Abuse

Supervisors are the first line of defense in recognizing substance abuse in the workplace. Make sure your supervisors have the tools and knowledge they need to identify potential substance abuse problems at your company or agency by calling Preble Medical Services Inc for our education and training services. We train businesses and government agencies all across North Dakota. Ask about our after hours services!

Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training 

Our Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training satisfies Department of Transportation requirements in helping supervisors recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse. Our training also outlines your supervisor's responsibilities regarding proper procedures and corrective actions.

First Aid and CPR Classes for a Safer Workplace

We also offer first aid and CPR classes for your employees. From basic refresher courses to certifying new employees, we have a variety of classes to help improve safety at your workplace. Call us today for more information on our specific courses and on-site training rates.
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